Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Striptease Chef with Federico Michieletto

…instead of just firing orders in my kitchen and having a little fun cooking and yelling, this time I was out of action.

Few weeks back I got a surprise call from the man whom signs the check for the Chef Association of Malaysia “President Association Chef Federico Michieletto”. Clean and short instructing me to make it to the Chef Association of Malaysia Cocktail Night. I was like…dude? I was never in the Association anytime before…..hmmms. So, excitement was there so was curiosity as it’s going to be the first time of me attending this kind of Chef gathering. To be honest, I rather prefer sitting in bar having a couple of chilled beer and chatting with fellow chefs. That’s what you call gathering in my own term.

What else, I did go to the Cocktail Night and there were lots of Chefs and Cooks I guess. A little doubt as I was not sure about those pretenders whom came wearing a Chef Coat but one thing for sure, they do look like the one u see in the TV advertisements. It does happen don’t it? So I had to be like a little polite and generous (pretending) making my appearance there well welcomed and just not being smart pants with my nose looking up sky. Anyway I did keep myself clear with the event as there were lots of speeches and talks going on. But just like any other day, I was really disappointed at some point when some looner at the back row were talking like they had just missed the jackpot. With many topics which can be related to this function but a women seems to be proud about how she is maintaining her relationship with her new mother in law. It was interesting hearing these kind of empty topics though but then again I don’t blame my ears to hear such things. At some point I am still confused with the term she use “new mother in law”?. Great topic in a chefs meeting!

Anyway lets get right on this event as many top chefs around the region made their appearance that night. Still in stun only for me to find out that I was one of them (just kidding). So, rather than sitting in a corner that night we chefs (the real ones) just made up our mind into get it straight sharing and also exchanging our thoughts and perception about certain issues on today’s culinary industry. Chatting was one thing but meeting this people was another as I would be more than surprise till that night to see few of my “sifu’s” still looking young and strong as before. What can I say further after seeing this people agedly? Unbelievable…

Era back I over and over again hear people saying the nights still young but...not till the bloody event host came up to the stage to cancel out that quote. I just didn’t want to step out that night as just because I didn’t feel like wanted too. Wondering like each phrase has its end so does this night I guess; badly the only consolation we got was plenty of beers and tapas. Going into that, it’s a little common for any to have a company when u goes out for an event but it was my real bad I been the alone by myself that night as well as now (still single by the way). Unlucky too was Federico (he is single too) as he couldn’t had his hands on women that night because he had to company me. Please take note that the word “single” which I mention above was strongly suggested by the Italian dude to mention. Thanks!!

Last but not least, since it was one of thee event I should have missed and I didn’t luckily and thank GOD! Whom could I say thanks too if it’s not my Italian buddy Federico Michieletto who just gave me a chance to experience that lovely night. Gracias AMIGO!!

Ciao... ;)

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